Mass Payments | Complete Guide

What Is Mass Payments?

If you want to learn how mass payments work and hot to optimize your payments processes, please keep reading on.  

Technology is disrupting the way businesses send payments. The focus of this article will be on how mass payments are saving man hours, costs and ease making hundreds or thousands of payments to the relevant counter-parties.  

The Mass Payments solution gives the ability to do, is make payments at scale. So it works in the same way single payments works, but it supports automation and scale.  

Mass payments solution allows you to executive a payment in over 80 different currencies and to 120 countries, including low value channels. All this is without having to maintain local currency accounts and from a single platform in the same way you would be making a single payment.  

How Mass Payments Work? 

A good example is a fashion house that needs to make a thousand payments for payroll every month to a particular country and currency. Rather than going in and making one thousand individual payments, there is an API connectivity or excel documents that can be exported from the accounting system with all relevant payments details (like IBAN, amounts, currency, etc.).  

So the company can drag and drop that excel document into the payments platform by doing so they are automatically uploading a thousand payments into the platform which then are being performed in bulk. If company has only say GBP in their payments platform and payments are needed to be done in GBP, USD and EUR, the platform automatically exchanges currencies for these payments and executes as platform recognises which payments needs to go via SEPA , SWIFT or Faster Payments. This can be also done via API connection which is very easy and straight forward way. 

Another example where time can be saved would be supplier payments. A company that has hundreds or thousands supplier payments can execute them in bulk the same way a fashion house is executing their payroll payments by exporting an excel document from accounting system or connecting via API.  

Mass Payments API 

The Mass Payments API brings all your payments together in one secure source and efficient hub. Automation saves the payer time and improves productivity, while ensuring better delivery to payees. The technology behind enables the payer to respond quickly to client feedback and market needs. The API also supports local legislation to keep businesses compliant, with easy payment controls and audit trails. 

What Are The Benefits Of Mass Payments? 

There are a number of different benefits of using mass payments besides saving time and money. Our advanced list of benefits below: 

  • Advanced Security – Mass Payments are protected by advanced encryption technologies with access restrictions and associated authentication steps. 
  • Sanction Screening – the mass payments system is checking for suspicious payments and comparing with black lists and agency data to prevent sanctions violations and keep the transaction flow smooth. 
  • Advanced Compliance – the mass payments solution is compliant with latest international legislation, to ensure that payments are never compromised and are always according to compliance standards. 
  • Scalability – with the help of cloud-based technology mass payments solution is ready to help your business scale. 
  • Cost Efficient – access to multiple wholesale liquidity providers via API ensure that the client is getting the most competitive rates and the best choice across the markets. 
  • Automatic Validation – all payments are delivered on time by automating country rules. Mass payments solution prevents the returned payments because of the selected payment routes and upfront validated payment information. 

How To Get Mass Payments Solution?  

Getting mass payments solution is quite easy and straight forward process. First of all, digital bank account is a must have. The same provider that you set up your digital bank account with should be able to provide the mass payments solution too. 

The payments partner you can trust is IFX Payments. IFX is a specialist in payments and foreign exchange. IFX Payments specialise in mass payments and route them through the most robust payment corridors, and protects your financial data with encryption. IFX Payments is also bank agnostic and have access to multiple wholesale liquidity providers delivering the best rates possible. They will make sure your payments will be delivered on time and without any disruption. A short demo video on Mass Payments can be found here


All in all, mass payments solution is changing the way many companies send payments today. Whether they pay to their suppliers, do payroll or automate other functions of their businesses. Mass payments is an easy to use and set-up solution that will benefit any business significantly. 

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