Best Payment Company Stock To Invest

Why Payment Company Stock Is A Good Investment? 

If you’ve been ever wondering what is the best payment company stock to invest, please keep reading on. 

Payment companies are rapidly growing together with the whole FinTech sector and such investments have attracted many institutional as well as private investors. Investors pouring in made the prices of such companies stocks to implode.  

And finally, payment company stocks deliver above average returns. That is why I am sharing my watchlist with you today. 

Best Europe Based Payment Company Stock

There are many unlisted payment companies in EU and those few listed are quite popular among the investors. 

  • Adyen N.V. is the most popular one. Besides the rapid growth, company has a leading platform for payments collection, which gives good amount of data analysis. They also have banking license which enables them to settle funds and use payment routes that others cannot.  
  • HiPay is a french small cap payments company with rapid growth. In 2020 their EBITDA went positive. Company has a VC fund backing them up together with a solid management. 
  • Naga Group – NAGA is a CFDs broker with payments twist. One of the growth factors is that company attracts great business opportunity from China. Naga is also launching its own debit cards. 
  • Worldline is the biggest payments processing company in Europe. My only concern is their recently slowing growth. 
  • Nexi – is a payments services company with its own e-wallet as well as institutional business. 

 Best U.S. Based Payment Company Stock 

The payment related companies that I follow in U.S. are well known. Plenty of reaserch to find about them. So just giving my watchlist in case you are looking there. 

  • PayPal 
  • Visa 
  • Mastercard 
  • Fiserv 
  • Jack Henry Associates 
  • Shopify 
  • Global Payments 
  • Square 

Best UK Based Payment Company Stock 

  • Boku Inc. – is a mobile payments company based in U.S. but listed on London Stock Exchange. 
  • AlphaFX – AlphaFX is FX broker. Very recently they have introduced payments product and the platform with virtual GB IBAN’s with a good payments coverage.  
  • Paypoint – this is a payments collection company covering UK, Ireland and Romania. 


Here is my watchlist of payments stocks. Hope you will find some good investment ideas based on this list. On top of that, you can also checkout one of the best brokers out there – Saxo Bank. A Danish regulated and licensed bank with 20+ years of experience in capital markets. 

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