Payments Automation Using API

What Is Payment Automation? 

If you’ve ever been wondering how to do payments automation using API, then please keep reading on. 

Saving time has never been so important as it is today, and business owners are looking to save time, automate and become more efficient. Such approach leads to investing time where it pays-off.  

Banking used to consume lots of time for business owners and their accountants. But times have changed. Nowadays everyone can automate their payments via API connectivity which is seamless and cheap solution. 

Plugging into a fully automated API that compromises and extensive suit of business ready payment and reporting solutions and can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems. Such automated payments system can resolve many problems for SME’s.  

What Are the Benefits Of Payments Automation? 

First of all, a stable payments system based on API is automating the processes. It is built on suite of micro-services to mitigate systematic risk and failures.  

Secondly, it is made seamless by ERP or TMS that automates your management exposure with full reconciliation and real time transaction reporting.  

On top, it is secure as is created by experienced developers and securely encrypted, including restrictions and latest authentication procedures.  

And finally, the payments company supports your integration in order to leverage the cutting edge API technology with a whole suit of services. 

How To Get Automated Payments System? 

We are collaborating with a leading payments specialist IFX Payments that is helping not only SME’s and even other payment companies to bank effortlessly.  

There are many companies from various industries and verticals that have already integrated via IFX Payments API technology and are leveraging their payments network to route thousands of payments daily. 

IFX Payments API features include: 

  • Streamlined Processing – by connecting your business to IFX Payments integrated suite of services you can benefit from greater business payments control and collections with cost-competitive foreign exchange conversion. 
  • Global payments reach – via API you get access to a wide global payments network that is able to provide a complete cross-border pay-out solution. This enables your organisation to create payments in over 100 different currencies. 
  • Competitive rates – IFX Payments is banking partner agnostic and have access to variety of top tier banks for their payments execution. Such network is able to deliver more competitive rates and best choice for payments routing. 
  • Automatic validation – a function that ensures all your payments are delivered on time by automating appropriate country rules. IFX Payments is aware of what information is needed to avoid payment returns. 
  • Compliance – API connection allows to keep compliance up with the latest international legislation in order to ensure that all payments are never compromised. IFX Payments API will keep you compliant. 


All in all, traditional banking and accounting still consumes a lot of time and effort while it can be seamlessly automated via API connect.  

In case you’re are looking for multi-currency account services, we have a whole article on how to choose the best payments provider here

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