Best Free Tools To Research Your Stocks

What Are The Best Tools To Research Your Stocks? 

If you’ve ever been looking for tools to research your stocks, then please keep reading on. 

All investors are looking for great tools to improve their stock analysis. In addition, analysis of only the financial statements and ratios is not sufficient stand alone. That is why it is important to look into the technical aspects such as charts. Moreover, the whole portfolio health and performance is important too.  

You are at the right place. Here is a list of research tools that you can use to research your stocks. 

  • Ratios: 

A few great tools to check individual stocks ratios and multiples are Finviz (only US stocks) and GuruFocus (global stocks). 

  • Charts: 

Great and free of charge is

Some brokers also have good charts in their platforms, for example SaxoBank.  

  • Portfolio analysis: allows you to back test individuals stocks, portfolios, compare those versus indexes and more. One of the greatest free tools out there. 

Similar tools with a great details of analysis is

  • Stock Picking: 

For stock picking I recommend looking into the constituents of ETF’s and constituents of mutual funds at

You can also access to list of thousands of stocks on this page here. 

In addition, you can use a market screening tool of  

Or get some ideas at forum. SA used to be a good free tool and nowadays you must subscribe to get good ideas. 

Some good picks and quality analysis can be found at Keep in mind that you can access the research only when you submit at least one of your own. 

  • Tracking the news of your portfolio stocks 

For U.S. and Canadian stocks I use

The rest I rely on my broker SaxoBank


Hope my list will help you to find good stock picks and improve your research.  

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