Top 5 Video Games Stocks In Europe

What Are The Best Video Game Stocks In Europe? 

If you’ve ever been looking for video games stocks in Europe to invest in, then please keep reading on. We are going to look at top 5 stocks that will beat the market in long run. 

We are going to discuss video games companies that are based and listed in European stock exchanges and we are following closely ourselves. We have been involved in gaming industry from a private debt perspective and have learned that it is extremely profitable and rapidly growing industry. Moreover, video games stocks are worth exploring for any type of investor as  it will help to diversify their stock portfolio. And video games are something that people are passionate about and willing to spend their money for.  

  1. Nacon Sasu  

Nacon is a French Accessories and video games company. They have a leading position in gaming accessories which makes up the majority of the revenue. The rest is in games publishing where they own game studios and are actively acquiring other game studios under the group umbrella. Combining video games publishing and accessories under the same brand gives them a good and unique competitive position.  

Nacon Sasu SA investor relations

  1. Focus Home Interactive 

Focus Home Interactive is an independent game studio based in France and in business since 1996. Company has a successful titles such as “Sherlock Holmes”, “TrackMania”, “Runaway” and more.  

Focus Home interactive have Sales CAGR (22%) (same as Nacon Sasu) and is a good candidate for long term portfolio diversification.  

Focus Home Interactive investor relations. 

  1. Dont Nod Entertainment 

Is a France based game development studio that was founded in 2008. The early beginnings were hard and company had to make a public offering of its shares to complete the “Life is Strange” title. After its release it has received some industry recognition and is currently growing in terms of revenue and titles portfolio.  

Dont Nod Entertainment investor relations. 

  1. Embracer Group (TH9A – Euro Listing) 

Embracer Group was formerly known as THQ Nordic AB, a Swedish based game holding that owns 44 development studios and is active through mergers and acquisitions. Holding is highly diversified in different genres and strategies which gives them a strong competitive position and revenue stability. It is also listed on several exchanges, possible to invest in euro listing under TH9A ticker.  

Embracer Group investor relations. 

  1. Media And Games Invest PLC 

Is in business since 2012 and has two different business lines: games and media. MGI Group seeks to consolidate the market via M&A, making acquisitions of companies that are distressed or unprofitable. Then integrate those businesses seeking to restructure or realize synergies. Lastly, they ought to improve and growth the acquired businesses via internationalization of games or media assets. 

MGI Group investor relations

How To Invest In Best Video Games Stocks In Europe?

Investing in the stock market is quite easy these days. If you are looking to invest in any video games stocks in Europe or elsewhere, we would like to recommend Saxo Bank as a reliable broker for your investment portfolio. 


All in all, video games stocks in Europe is a good investment. Especially for those who are looking to diversify their stock portfolios with high growth small cap stocks.  

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